What are Canadian walkers supposed to spend the coin on? A calming app? Really? That all you got for us?


So i want to spend my hard earned coin on something. I go to the store and it seems to look like anything that is worth anything is for US residents only. Ok so yea, we can spend coin on a calming app… that if you go to their website witout using the SC affiliate… offers the same deal for free… i dont get it. I feel somwhat ripped off. But hey if I was from the US then I would have real options. This blows guys. You should do something about it. Before i delete the app.


Trust me it’s much worse/harder for European users. We get 1/10th if not less of the offers that US/CAN people get. And personally, the good ones I found didn’t even ship to my country even though they were claiming they ship within Europe (Cyprus is in Europe but they didn’t shop to it)


Ohhhh… I stand in difference… audiobooks-something-or-other is the daily deal on the shop folder today. Actually not bad of a deal too. Value of over 30 $ for 5 coins. Now… here is my dilemma… I abs-freaking-lutely fight the family for air time already. And when I have headphones on it’s a constant tap on the shoulder (someone trying to get my attention) something is always uber important whereas I cant/wont/dont ever ever get my own sound privacy. Good luck to me trying to listen to an audiobook. I want perfumes, earrings, jewelry, temp tats… puhhhleeease??? Can a hard-working single-mother of three get this love and pampering she ever-so deserves thru sweating herself silly trying to collect coins she cant spend on jack… drops mic … //walks away//