What are the benefits of Shaker, Quaker an Breaker


I enabled Breaker membership from the start since it is free for 30 days, but what are the benefits? I see that i can earn more swc but what is the difference from being a mover?


You’re just able to earn more SWC per day. When you move a lot, if you hike or run daily for example, it’s more profitable to have Quaker or Breaker. When you don’t move really much it’s better to have Mover or Shaker. This because if you’ve a Breaker-membership for example and you don’t move a lot, you’ll earn nothing at the end of the month, because Quaker and Breaker cost more SWC per month than Mover and Shaker. Just look for a month how much SWC you make per day on average. On basis of that info you can decide which membership is best for you. When you decide to move more, you can upgrade your membership any time and your SWC from your previous Membership will be refunded.
But remember, when you want to downgrade you’ve to wait 30 days before it switches back. So maybe think twice before you decide to upgrade. Good luck!

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