What are you doing with your earned Sweatcoin



Just a short post from me today guys so let’s begin

With sweatcoin now having a wide range of ways to spend your sweatcoin my question is what are you doing with yours.

Personally for me I do like to save up however a few months ago I did sell my 2k sweatcoins that I earned for some cash via trading.

Before trading I regularly purchased Nowtv pass offers from sweatcoin however they haven’t appeared for over a year now and I don’t reall check the marketplace that often anymore. Occasionally I gift sweatcoin albeit small amounts.

So what do you do with yours ?

  • Save up
  • Spend on marketplace
  • Donate to crowdfunding
  • Buy/sell trading
  • Gifting
  • Other

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Thanks for reading


I am just saving up. Maybe someday I’ll have enough for one of the big ticket items.

Would be nice of there was more mid tier


I’ve used a few for small deals in the past (like you the NowTV passes were of interest to me, but as I’m currently on an annual deal with them they’d be of no use just now if they reappeared). One of the deals I purchased was a waste of coins - turned out I had to spend money in stores I never used before I actually got what the deal said (to me) I would get :frowning: I’m aiming for the Marathon cash-out. I’m on over 16k coins now (with approaching 3 years of using the app), and on the highest level which means I now earn 30-40 coins on a light work day, and can get the maximum 50 now and again.