What do you do for steps efficiency?


Let’s talk about steps efficiency: What do you do in order to maximize your steps efficiency?

This topic has been discussed on random topics, but let’s concentrate it here so we may help other walkers out there.

I personally always restart my phone before going on my walks. It resets my phone’s accelerometer and pedometers, making 95-99% of my steps count.

Also I connected a supported pedometer app to Sweatcoin (Google Fit), which in my opinion was the problem solver in the first place.

It’s not perfect, as I have to check in about 40 minutes intervals if it’s working alright and only one factor matters for me: Does google fit counts my steps? if not, my phone is doing trouble. If only on Sweatcoin (which happens rarely for me today) it’s a problem in Sweatcoin itself.

To fix Sweatcoin, I always check if I am up to date, and restarting my phone does the trick too. Force closing Sweatcoin rarely helps in this case.