What is the best x2 daily step bonus you can get within 20 min


2.1 SWC is my best after 3 days of trying (0 , 0.6 and 2.1)


1.7 / 0.9 / 1.5 is the most I’ve got so far…


It’s not the most. Thought it’d be something decent lol!


I got more today than yesterday , even i ran yesterday


This is the max I could get! Doing a quite fast run, it is not bad but maybe in a future version I think the boost time should be maybe longer? Aiming for 5 coins when max effort sounds feasible (even if max effort is relative to the user). Anyways, it is a fun extra that really helps to push :slight_smile:


But it dont double my earned coins! It gives me only so much, what i earn walking!


Don’t moan. It’s free.


@laura590925 Basically, Sweatcoin Records and converts your steps as normal throughout the day, including the earnings during the 20mins that you have the Boost feature activated. The Boost bonus is a second earning based on the steps during that 20minute period. It doesn’t pay double the earnings on top of your regular daily earnings. So, instead of being rewarded only for the 2300 steps you took during the 20minutes Boost. Sweatcoin has given you and additional 2.30swc.

I am hoping this makes sense and explains why the bonus payment is only 2.30sweatcoins.

Also, hoping this actually addressed your concern. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I have tried the 2x boost whilst walking, running and cycling and walking has given me the most but i don’t think running and cycling converts as good as walking for me anyway. Just to add all on seperate occasions.


Running shouldn’t be an issue - do you move your phone from walking / running?
For example, you may hold your phone in your hand when walking, but put it in your back pocket when running. This could affect step counting as the phone experiences more / less “bumps” from the steps.

As with cycling - it’s not something entirely supported but there’s nothing stopping it from working - the conversion may not be as good since the algorithm hasn’t learnt how to convert it yet :slight_smile:


The daily boost isn’t that rewarding. Exercise feature was much more challenging & you got a better result. Is daily boost permanent?


Think it’s more of the fact anyone can push ‘GO’ on that excercise instead of actually going out and being active. Ask
@khmelev said. It is pointless to have the 20Min for 5Coins now because lockdown is easing and we are being encouraged to go out more but still maintain safety… the new daily boost encourages you to actually do some sort of activity instead of just pushing ‘GO’ and not doing anything.


Phone in pocket walking, in waist belt running and in back pack for cycling (mtb). It has always been the same for me, as in walking always gives the best conversion rate. I am happy with it as i see it primarily as a walking app and a bonus i get sweatcoins from running and cycling. Keep up the good work👍


0.64,0.57,1.01 or something. That’s when I had 3100 steps


3100 steps should give you about 2.5 coin.


Nah. That’s where it is grinding. They say they will double the rewards from these steps. Then the algorithm reduces steps, maybe because I am running indoors on roof. I don’t know and can’t think much about it. The verified steps get converted to double rewards


And actually 3100 should give me about 5 coins, because the idea was to double the rewards, but then …


Algorithm works when you walk in a route. When you walk back and forth on yourself like walking to and from the shop 5 times a day. Your steps don’t get counted as much as if you was to walk to new route every day. As you stated you run around on a rooftop? The algorithm requires you to
Move in more direction to account for steps. Thing is… it’s free… the whole app is free barring a choice of TROUBLE MAKER edition then it costs £/€/$. Bare in mind we didn’t even have these features before the pandemic so let’s be greatful they’ve been fair and flexible with us users. @Ashton maybe your better off explaining lol.


Am not at all complaining. Just sharing some experience with you. Right now, tough for me to choose new routes everyday, since lockdown restricts movement. Will want to know how to max the step conversion etc . lol


Sorry if I come across as rude. I wasn’t meaning too. Stay safe.