What is the best x2 daily step bonus you can get within 20 min


Thought I would share my 3 days worth. Pretty much the same walk and speed the three days. I was able to get 2.06 , 0.97 , 2.15 .


Did about 2700 steps, got, 0.98 coins. For a change I did running in the lawn and not the roof as usual.

Attaching images. Let me know if I am doing something right or wrong. Thanks Guys


Not at all. @Kyle93. Your message gave me some insight into how this app works


Cool glad to help :slight_smile:


Best I got so far and I did a nice speed walk.


I got 4.16 today. Was quite impressed lol.


That’s great! My new goal! Haha


Good luck! & stay safe.


This was difficult but I did it! Speed walking, without running, is shockingly difficult. Great exercise for the full 20 minutes too.


The way i’m reading that is you earned 2.14 sc walking and the boost bonus is 2.13 sc not 4.27sc boost bonus?? What does it say on this screen?


Just did a 20 min fast walk in 2xboost

and these are the results


Yeah for me it is like this too, looks like it counts now the bonus and the normal steps, in their captions is actually like 2 coins of boost not 4


11k?! Bloody he’ll less then a year ypu will have the £1000!! Make sure you screenshot everything when you buy it.


I’m still way off haha. Approaching 4K though hopefully soon.


8K by end of June for me i hope. Aiming for 12k before the year is over.


Im still at 3k… long way to go :sweat_smile:


I’m sure somebody posted on here they had 14k. Yeah i’m saving for the big one, will keep you all informed when the time comes😉


Keep going mate. & dude. That is mental lol. How long you had sweatcoin for.


Me too! 3k​:sob::sob:
Been at at for 2yrs too! :man_facepalming:


I joined 25th march 2018, all earned by me and includes the bonus sc aswell. Hasn’t been without problems converting etc, trouble maker is a big help now😁