What is the best x2 daily step bonus you can get within 20 min


I joined March 10, 2019 and I’m at 6,700.


I joined 2018 June. 7250.


Yeah mine swopped over now


Your tanking it mate. Won’t be long until you get that £1000 where you from


Yes @Dude sorry just saw the post from a few days ago. It said 2.13 bonus. For some reason it won’t let me upload a picture of it now.


Hi Phatt.One - How come I get half of the points on my wallet compare to the one of the boost screen? Today I received 3.17 and my boost was only 1.59. can you please explain?


Hey @diegogogo
Please accept my apology for the delay in reply. To be honest, the boost seems to have confused a few people so I don’t feel like you’re alone :+1:t4:
When you run the 20 minute boost, The step are still being counted and With the screenshot I’m looking at above, during that 20 minute period you will have earned 1.58swc from around 1668 steps whilst the boost has been active. Because the boost has been activated, the system has given you a bonus payment of a further 1.58swc on top of what you would have earned anyway. Buy my maths that should actually come to a complete payment of 3.16swc. If I was to hazard a guess the extra sweatcent has been added because the 5% commission has been calculated before the bonus so the actual steps minus commission is likely to have been 1.583 or 1.584. Once doubled and rounded up it would total 3.17swc.
The initial 1.58swc will have been issued with your regular step conversions. The boost bonus earning gets paid and shown as a separate bonus on the top.

I’m hoping that explains it pretty well and I hope it helps. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

FYI for reference, I don’t actually work for Sweatcoin. However, whenever I can’t help anybody out I will do.


Thank you for the answering.


No need for thanks, it’s a pleasure to offer help where I can.


Member since 12th Oct 2017
Currently on 15,284.88 coins, all of which I’ve earned or claimed from bonuses

I’ve spent a small handful on offers, and have lost more than I’ve spent on days the system has refused to analyse steps or has only approved a ridiculously small number of my steps.


Help me understand this better. This shows I earned 4+ coins yesterday while only 1+ got posted in my account


Hey - your normal converted steps will show up under “conversion history”, not in the normal transactions.
The “Boost Bonus” coins are shown via transactions so you can keep track how many you received through it :slight_smile:


None of my Daily Bonus Boost steps have been converted. Can someone look into this for me please?


Hi! This is a known issue and should be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong. Yesterday during the boost bonus I ran just under 2 miles (3200 steps by my wrist garmin) but I was only given the boost bonus for 545 steps?? Why is my conversion rate so bad? I run outside the entire time, usually on jogging paths around town. The day before was the same result.


I captured this today, I think it was pretty for good for me as I’ve not done much running recently



my best so far, fast walking & no glitches during step counting & converting. :smiley: