What is the reason steps are not counted?


What is the reason steps are not counted? Do you have to physically hold your phone while walking? Are only outdoor steps counted? If anyone is experienced using this app, please help! I need a breakdown, just signed up today!

Thank you in advance!


Hi! I’m not the most experienced but I can try to clear up some things based on what I know and have experienced.

There have been issues with the conversions (Sweatcoin I believe regularly updates the algorithm to try and clear problems) but for users that have been facing issues, I would try to contact support or one of the admins.

You don’t have to physically hold your phone while walking; I like to put my phone in my back pocket and it still works! My friend holds her phone and that will generate steps as well.

Sweatcoin has released a new indoor step algorithm so it will count the steps you take indoors as well! Just make sure your wifi/data is on so your steps can be counted.

Hope these help, and happy walking!


All my steps both indoors and outdoors are usually counted, unless I haven’t updated the app for a time. It is constantly updated so you just have to make sure it’s up to date. I only connect my data half way through but it still works. The app will count your steps but they won’t be converted until you have a data connection. You sometimes have to manually convert them by pressing the ‘i’ button on your (counter) page, next to your wallet page.


I have my phone in a backpack or bumbag most of the time I’m walking or running, so no need to carry in your hand.

I’ve had issues with conversion rates - some versions of the app have done better for me than others, and the current one is one of the better ones!

It counts indoors and outdoors, but I think I read somewhere this was only when you use Google Fit to count your steps and feed through rather than Sweatcoin counting them (I stand to be corrected on this one). In any case, I find Sweatcoin drains my battery much less since I hooked it to Google Fit.

I normally only connect my phone to the internet via my home wifi at the end of the day - but I’ve found that I need to conenct in order to get the daily boost started (I then disconnect again), and again to convert as soon as possible after the 20 minutes otherwise it kills my battery. I try to remember to do this on my commute to work, so there are fewer steps to be converted and I don’t have to use as much of my contracted data allowance (I only have a very small allowance as I rarely use my phone for anything internet related).