What is your view on the price of offers and the stock of them?


Hello Sweatcoiners! I have a question for you guys about how you feel about the price of offers in the market. Personally, I feel like they cost too much. Well, kinda. I think that if they put an offer on the market, they should have a source that can supply them endlessly. I mean like if something runs out of stock, Sweatcoin can guarantee that they will get restocked. If what I’m saying is confusing I’ll throw out a scenario I’m in. So the Schatzii Bluetooth earbuds are 6,500 sweatcoin. There are 6 pairs of these earbuds left in their stock as of now. I’m here collecting as much sweatcoin as I can so I can buy them for my birthday. Right now I’m rushing and trying to find ways to get as many sweatcoin as I can so I can buy these because I don’t have a guarantee that this offer will ever come back. What is your take on this?

P.S: I’m turning 14 on April 25th and I wanna buy those earbuds so if anyone is willing to help me out and donate some it would be greatly appreciated. My sweatcoin username: blunky123