What motivates you to get out and walk and why do you walk


Hello all sweatcoin users around the :earth_africa:

I have 2 questions for you all, and they are

What motivates you to get out and walk?
why do you walk?

Whether you’re walking through heavy snow or scorching heat if you feel tired or have so much energy no matter if you walk around the block or across fields and towns what gets you stepping.

Personally for me I enjoy walking even though I may not be walking daily when I do I walk long distances I’m always switching up my journeys 1 day I’ll walk around town the next I’ll walk in the opposite direction to the lakes and fields.

Competitiveness motivates me to walk especially with fellow friends around the world from the sweatcoin warrior club discord server :ok_hand:


I’m also motivated to walk because of competitiveness, but also I just love the refreshing feeling of when I finally get out of the house and just go on a long walk :laughing: I also just tend to zone out and think about things when I’m off on a walk. It’s really nice to just be able to forget about things when I’m on a walk considering how busy I usually am. :))


What motivates me to walk is that I get to be enjoy the time looking to surroundings, havibg small talks with your friends, and by that you are having lil exercise too. Its refreshing to walk especially 5 in the morning everyday going to my work. Thats making me productive everyday knowing also i have sweatcoins with me haha


Heh for me its work i ride a bike most of the day n walking in and out resturants :smile:


Hey chaps

I love a going for a good stroll to collect my thoughts and have a good old ponder! I walk around London a fair bit, as it’s the best way to get to see all the hidden spots you miss out on if you’re always on the tube or on a bus. What motivates me? My appetite - most of my walks are to the supermarket. Working my way through an Indian cookbook at the moment. On Sundays I try and get out in the countryside with some friends for a catch up and to get out of the big smoke for a little bit. I’m an addict for podcasts, and since some of Dan Carlin’s hardcore history episodes are 4 hours long, I’ve got a good excuse to get some fresh air and earn some sweatcoins :grin:


Sounds like you could do with trying out the Scribd Books & Audiobooks offer in the UK Marketplace. I listen to the odd podcast myself and with me spending so many hours walking Audible has a huge selection of audiobooks for all tastes and age groups. However, as a musician an music lover, I use Deezer to stream music and put the extra bounce into my every step. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I don’t go outside just to earn Sweatcoins, but it’s rewarding when I gain some while walking to school or home or when riding my bike (doesn’t always work though).


At the start it was to lose weight but now it is just the joy of getting out into the open air and enjoying what nature throws at us.


El deporte es lo mio por eso siempre estoy pocitibo para mis ejercicios diarios


For me its the fun which i get because i have to walk every day and sweatcoin makes it easy to walk and earn. So, its like double benefit without doing anything extra.


Nice weather and trying to get all the coins :wink:


Marcher c’est avancer


Getting sweat coins and walking my dog


I love being outdoors all the time that’s why walking is the main thing i do while commuting within my neighbourhood. Walking to take photos, walking by the sea, walking to go where friends are, walking to towncenter or market. Walking and running to keep fit. So walking is one of my main activities during the day.

Wish someday this app will work with tennis too​:pray:t3::pray:t3::+1:t2::+1:t2:. I play tennis almost everyday and one hour tennis is like 4000+ fast short/long steps and running too.


I have a very high-energy Japanese Chin dog. We go to the river almost every day to walk. Some days we just walk 1 lap (1.6 miles). Some days we do 2 laps. The dog gets tired & I get the exercise I need.



Never loved to drive a car so we got rid of it 3years ago.early in mornings we get our little walk when taking the kids to the daycare,going to the store quick.my work is about 12km away but for that i take my bike :slight_smile:.ju what i like about being outside is you get to meet new people and talk ,something that seems to vanish nowadays with social media and stuff .


Going by bike gets you some Sweatcoins too btw :slight_smile:


Hope so lol atm lil issue with my total steps done and the amount that is checked and so on


A lot of others have it too. I can’t help you with that.


My office is about a 40 minute walk away but traffic can take almost as long, so I walk every day and remind myself how stressed out I would be feeling if I were in one of the cars I pass on my way. I also figure that I can skip the gym if I feel like it, and have better posture and feel overall healthier. All that combined is enough motivation to keep walking even when the weather is bad :slight_smile: