What motivates you to get out and walk and why do you walk


Walking and listening to new music you’ve never heard of on Apple Music is such a nice feeling. You get engrossed in the music that’s playing and you also get the perks of working out. I like both. I like to know that walking helps me lose weight. I used to cut out calories like crazy and limit myself to eating certain food throughout the day but I don’t anymore. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds so far in the one and a half months that I’ve had the app.

Making sweatcoins from steps will motivate me to keep on moving any day. I have found my sweet spot where I live so I may change my subscription level to breaker again. I am waiting for troublemaker though!!!


Great to hear! Glad you’re enjoying the app so far and the benefits it brings :smiley:
Just a little hint, we’ve released a sneak peak of the trouble maker update right here on the forum! Check it out here! :happyswc: