What’s your best purchase


The best purchase from the marketplace was Earin M-2 headphones! I use them everyday, amazing sound, what’s yours?


My best and first purchase was the Minimalist Magazine. I enjoy their weekly journal entries to this day!


Cool I purchased that also but haven’t had chance to look into it.


My best purchase was the 3 months free Tidal offer. I did have troubles with it, but once they were all sorted I loved it since I have my headphones in listening to music 24/7, so it was great that I got to save £30 by taking advantage of this offer instead.


I best purchase from the Sweatcoin Marketplace has to be the Mous iPhone case. These cases are for the most amazing protection. I’ve never met a person that has not dropped their phone at some point. My phone has been dropped more times and I would care to imagine and yet there is not a scratch on it. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


What do you think of Otter Box in comparison to the Mous case?


I bought a pair of sunglasses from Marsquest and an S3 Magnussen bluetooth speaker/box. Haven’t used my sunglasses much because there aint much sun in Belgium yet :joy:


To be honest I used to have one of the Otterbox cases for the iPhone 5s. It was a secure and rugged case. I drop my phone more times we could imagine and to it’s credit, the OtterBox never failed… I sold my phone in exactly the same condition I bought it in three years later. The main issue I had with the OtterBox Is that it was like putting your phone in a military tank… protective, unreasonably bulky and with too much added weight to be practical.
The Mous cases offer fantastic protection but without the bulk and weight. Even the screen protector seems to be far superior to the standard plastic or even tempered glass screen protectors. As an added bonus the cases actually look good too, with a wide variety of finished to choose from. I have to say when I first saw these cases I was sceptical. Even watching the drop test videos, I figured they must have been staged to protect the phone as well as it appeared. However, during a business lunch the MD stood up randomly and hurled his phone across a restaurant to show off this ‘amazing’ case. Sure enough, the phone was intact. Some of our site engineers had great fun taking videos on the phone while it was hurtling downwards whilst fitting projectors at stupid heights. Now, I won’ Change from the Mous cases. I had one on my iPhone 7plus and before my iPhone XS Max left the house I made sure I had the new Mous case to suit, fitted ready. In my opinion, the Mous cases are exactly what a phone case should always have been.

Before you ask… No, I don’t work for the Mous company!..No, I don’t earn by promoting this kinda thing!
I just believe that the product is excellent and for people that are either as clumsy as I am or who live an active life where your phone is likely to sustain damage then the Mous case protection is a must. As a bonus… the Sweatcoin Marketplace offers attractive discount offers regularly. I believe there is an offer on the UK Marketplace that started today. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


BTW sorry for the extremely detailed answer but I do like to cover all bases to allow others to have the detail to make informed decisions. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Awesome! I’m new to SC & an eager to break the first buy virginity lol.