What type of music do you listen to while walking


So what are everyone’s favorite bands and songs to listen to on everyone’s walk about’s here’s a few of mine.anything by the Mentors is good.Also I love listening to anything by GG Allin sure makes the walking a lot more fun if you guys are


I usually listen to Cage The Elephant on my walks (to and from college lol)
Sometimes I throw on my mix playlist, with Viola Beach, Arctic Monkeys and many other bands - I like a range of genres and generally chilling out with it on in the background :slight_smile:


Hi don’t listen to music when I’m walking but in my head I hear voices 24/7 the Creek lyrics all the Time. Tha app helps me in a way I can’t explain.


I’m gonna show my age now :man_facepalming: When walking or running, I always listen to music with a tempo to set the pace.

I actually experimented quite a lot with various mainstream and more obscure genres. Given my username, you can probably already guessed the essential ingredient of any music I listen to without pounding pavement or on the treadmill “it’s gotta have some funk on it!”. Some continuous groove to drive a bounce into each step. The good thing is that in most of the music it is possible to find that bounce :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I listen to anything from early jazz, through soul, rnb, hiphop, flamenco, funk, acid jazz… anything to put a groove to the move for some strange reason I even found ‘dubstep‘ in my search history. I’m nearly 43 years old now, why on earth would I choose now to search and enjoy Dubstep? :man_facepalming:

Perhaps the most obvious style of music to listen to but at the same time the most effective pace keeper is also the most obscure for somebody to listen to for pleasure… “Brass Band”… I don’t mean the English brass band stylings, I mean groups like Rebirth Brass Band, No BS! Brass, Lucky Chops… the real street party brass bands.

Yes, if you’re in Bolton or any nearby town at night and spot a cueball in shades and shorts apparently dancing towards you, chances are you have found me :rofl: