What's your step efficiency strategy?


I just like many users, try to figure personalized strategies to increase my steps efficiency and combine it with my phone preferences/settings, because every phone is different and works differently.

For me, I noticed that my pedometer tends to stop working during inactivity, even when I get a move on right after that, so I restart my phone and wait about a minute before it starts working again. (Works every time)

What are one of your strategies and what’s your phone model? Let’s give each other ideas to save frustrations :slight_smile:


I’m liking the phrase “Step efficiency strategy” :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I don’t really have an efficiency strategy myself. For me, I strive for the accuracy rather than to maximise steps. If anyone is as sad as I am and takes a nosey at the hourly bar charts, my strategy is fairly obvious but might seem a little disturbing to many… just keep going.

I usually set out at around midnight and just keep going until I get to about 30-40k steps then return home for a shower and to get ready for work. Then if the mood suits, I will end up taking the laptop to the treadmill and keep plodding along whilst working. As Gigs are banned in the UK at the moment I can’t hit the stage each night as I normally would so often just head out from a few thousand in the evening. Since February this year I set a general target of around the equivalent of a marathon distance each day. I’ve been a few occasions this year that the average daily count has crept up a little too far up to around 80k converted steps a day so I had to bring it back down before I ended up doing myself any damage. Not quite as young as I used to be. Although when I was younger, exercise was the greatest of cursewords. :rofl: