When did you join sweatcoin and why are you still using sweatcoin


hello sweatcoin users worldwide

Today I would like to have a community discussion on when you first signed up for sweatcoin and why you still use the sweatcoin app.

So let’s begin

Question 1. When did I sign up to sweatcoin and where did I find out about the app?

I signed up to sweatcoin on the 12th of January 2018 so I have been a member for 1 year and 3 months and 6 days!! (At the time of this post).

I originally heard o the app through some advertisements and instantly clicked and installed first a little skeptical as well I’ve never heard of earning cash by walking before however now I have.

Question 2 why do I still use sweatcoin?

I just love the app having the feeling of earning something whilst walking is great and I’m loving the rewards the market place offers especially the NOWTV ones and music subscriptions

The overall thought of earning a little reward just for walking and being a healthy person is amazing it’s very nice too see it happen and I can’t wait for the big future sweatcoin has.

Please comment on why you joined and why you have stuck with sweatcoin thank you so much for watching have a great rest of the day earning some sweatcoin :smiley: