When did you start using Sweatcoin


J’ai commencé en juin


Today is day 37 so a month and a week. I’m excited to see where I progress in two years :smiley:


Greetings from the other side of the world (Philippines). I started using Sweatcoin three weeks ago. Long term goal is to reach the 20K SC summit three or four years from now.


I started using Sweatcoin in December 30, 2017 according to the app. I remembered it as the day before New Years though. I did my research on Sweatcoin before installing it. My search led me to the Sweatcoin Guide website.


I started using sweatcoin 2 days ago I like it


29th September 2019 already at 108swc maxing the 20swc the last 3days on a row now can’t wait for the next upgrade to get more


I’ve been a member since 12th October 2017


I hope I’m doing this correct.

I joined sweatcoin just over 3 months ago and I just hit 1,000 Coins. !!!
I only found the forum about a week ago and still learning how to navigate it.


I started in September 2019


2 days ago after wasting my time on many games that claim they eatn you mony bit only pay you 1 o2 penmys for your time


If your talking about survey apps I fully know what you mean

If you like getting out and getting apps to pay you money Try “field agent”. Even walking and taking public bus I can usually make 20 to $40 a day


I’ve been a member since 16 December 2018 and i’ve loved it ever since


I started using it on 20-10-2019 and I liked it a lot


I started yesterday from Tik Tok I saw the ad and app


I honestly want a better lifestyle with exercising and promoting good eating habits :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2::muscle:t2::kiss:


Startet using sweatcoins 1 Year a goo :+1:t3: its realy a smart thing!


March 2017 . Still going strong


member since 01 december 2018


Started in April 2018 and still using :herb:


Love​:wink::sunglasses::v: love my 3 mile walks but need my sweatcoins