When did you start using Sweatcoin


Startet using Seeatcoin 9.5 2019 :sunglasses::walking_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:


Sweatcoin is a crypto-currency so it doesnt have a definite amount in some cases 20 sweatcoins is about $1 but in some other deals you can get a lot better offer so it really depends on what your trying to buy :+1:


I started using sweatcoin about a week ago! I’m surprised at how long it actually takes to really build up sweat coins! Where I’m from it’s winter so not much walking is gonna get done. Wish it was easier!


Been sweating for 40 years, just started with this app.


image good evening, am werner i started this evening with sweatcoin, 6 friends have already added :bulb: now a lot of sweats and nice offers, ,


En usg a for 1 year but since lt last update will not convert steps so frustrated his is Lois975


Anybody win a Holiday yet…at the rate this unreliable App is going,it’s going to take me about 6 years to get a decent prize or the 1000 dollars ( why not £1000 English pounds,it’s with more!)


Wasup my dudes, I’ve been using sweatcoin since Nov '19 and in that two month period I got a lot of sweatcoins as a breaker, when winter came I moved back down to a mover because I was playing bball and other than that I didnt have a lot of time to run. Spring is back though (what a surprise :joy:) and I’m back to getting 10-20 sweatcoins per day!


It states whatever currency is equivalent


Keep on steppin it up :sunglasses::+1:t4: You will be back on top before you know it :muscle:t4:


Started about the same time. I’m hoping that in about three more years,I can get to this illusive £1000… or whatever Big ticket holiday is going at the time.
Add me up


I started using Sweatcoin on January 23rd, 2019!!! :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses:


I’ve been collecting since May 2018, atm I’ve accumulated about 3200 coins. So hopefully in 6 years I’ll have enough for a top offer. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::+1::sweat_smile:


I started using Sweatcoin in January and love it! I’ve not purchased anything yet, but I would love to know what others have purchased. What have you purchased? :star_struck:


Merhaba 2 ay oldu kullaniyorum.kolay gelsn


I started in Nov 2019…Currently on 5300


June 2018 12K. Not many.


I just started using the app today, I love it already! My user is Kysaac follow me!


Hi im new ta dis is it gud


I started using it somewhere in 2017, but then I dropped it for some time due to inefficiency and later on at 2019 I came back to give it another chance.

I am happy with my Treedom purchase and so far it’s the only purchase I made :slight_smile: