Where are you guys from?


I was wondering in which country y’all live.
I live in the Netherlands! :netherlands:
Are there more dutchies out there?
If we want to say hello in dutch, we say ‘Hallo’ or ‘Hoi’.
What do you say in your country?
Friendly regards,


im from Hamburg, Germany, so not far away. We also say ,Hello“ or especially in Hamburg just ,Moin“


I’m from Wales, a small country next to England.
We have a strong Celtic culture here, and are proud folk :slight_smile:
In Welsh, Hello is “Shwmae” - Good Morning is “Bore Da” or “Pryn Hawn Da” for Good Afternoon.

Nice to see numerous Nationalities here on the forum!


I’m from Area 51 :alien:
Welcome to community


Hello or Tung as we say in Albanian.

I am from Kosovo and have been using sweatcoin for almost 1 year now.
This is such a good idea. :slight_smile:

Best wishes.



I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada.
We say Hello or Hey, contrary to common belief :joy:


I’m in USA Kansas City MO… I’m new to all this as well


Hey! I am from the Netherlands too!!!



I am from U.S. We say Hi !!!
Have you ever been or visited other countries ?


Hi hey goeiedag tung shwmae moin,

Nice to see that there are so many cultures here!

To reply to Mrs.C
I’ve been visiting other countries a lot. I live really close to the border of Germany and this year I am going on vacation to Greece. I’ve never been to the US, but I really want to when I’m older.

Met vriendelijke groet (dutch for friendly regards)


Hi or namaste
I’m from India… nice to meet u all…


Also in the Netherlands!


Im from Detroit, Michigan. Whats up? I use this app all the time so I thought why not join the community.


I’m from jersey (Atlantic City) I’m on this app every day it’s Fun money working out shit lit


Belgium, dutch part.

Not too far from the Netherlands border