Where are you guys from?


@Jen practically neighbours :slight_smile:
Feel free to follow me, I’ll also follow you, as well. Tried linking an invite to my group but it won’t let me :confused:

Anyways, how you earn big.


Hello and Shalom from Israel :israel:
Sweatcoin really is international at this point in time.


I think I am following you already ! And I just keep walking . Have been on sweatcoins since sept of 2019 and only donated to animal cause so far not sure what I’m wanting to win for an auction but not close to that yet . I’ll probably just keep donating to animal causes.


Steppin’ in from Bolton, UK :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Merhaba ben Türkiye’de yaşıyorum dsiyarbakirda


Hello n Namaste…
i am from India currently in Ireland… i am new here…


@Kyle93… Samesies!!!.. Or very close by… I was born in Brighton


I was born in the lovely sunny
Moulscoomb​:eyes::eyes::rofl::rofl: I’m not in Brighton anymore but I’m
Near enough about 15/20 minute drive. Yourself.


@Kyle93 well I loved in Denton, Peacehaven, Lewes, and now sunny Eastbourne


Lol… following me… use to live in Eastbourne about 9 years ago. Peace haven and Denton more
Or less same place imo @Seaside71


Well I moved to Eastbourne in 85…been here ever since. Small world being in the same neck of the woods!


Cor I was born in 93 lol.


@Kyle93. I’d moved at least a dozen times, by the time you popped out :joy:


I bet lol. Where you at now.


@Kyle93 still in Sunny Eastbourne…


Where abouts lol use to live by pembury shops and old