Where has the pursuit of sweatcoins taken you? Post a photo


Whilst stepping out we enjoy our great outdoors. Whether it is an urban landscape or wide open coutryside. Let’s share what we see and what we are experiencing whilst earning Sweatcoins. :smile:

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@Sweatyjon your legs are really long mate :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Phatt.One I only went out to stretch my legs! Although the truth is my upper body is remarkably short :wink: :joy: :joy:


They are certainly well stretched by the shadow. From the length of the shadow, I am guessing it was an early to mid morning walk. Unfortunately, here in the UK we don’t see as much sun. Although with a majority of my walking being done at night, the street lighting doesn’t exactly help cast such a friendly shadow!


Yes it was an early morning stroll , it was in October and not in Spain but in Brighton. The UK does do sun but only if you don’t rely on it.
Interesting shadow btw…we all look like cartoon images :grimacing: :joy:


Thanks for sharing these @Sweatyjon!


All are breath taking views



Not long ago I went to a giant festival, then on my way home we stopped off at multiple random sites just staying for the night.
The background of this photo is we simply decided to stop in a car park on top of a mountain :joy:

Still - it lead to some amazing views, and there were numerous trails around for us to stroll along. Maybe even stop off at a pub in that small town - but hey I’m not admitting to anything :wink:


Looks beautiful! What festival was it?


From my run this morning :grin:

Friedrich Wilderness Park


It was called the “Great Dorset Steam Fair”
I know it doesn’t sound too glamorous, but it’s actually great. There are loads of steam based things (obviously) such as trains and whatever else someone randomly decided to build :stuck_out_tongue:
Then there’s a giant fun fair, loads of food and military shows on. Saw my first 50.Cal rifle not from a game there, which was really cool.
I’ve gone for the past 3 years, might not go next year since it’s very expensive :confused:


That sounds like a lot of fun! But yeah some festivals can be prohibitively expensive :confused: