Which prizes count transferred coins?


Hi everyone,

 Sorry, this may seem like a redundant question but I just wanted to clarify which prizes offered to do allow purchases with transferred sweatcoins. I know that the "bucket list" prizes worth about 20,000 sweatcoins do require the buyer to purchase it with earned coins, but how about the "marathon" prizes? When I read the description, it doesn't mention the "notice, all sweatcoins used for the purchase must be earned by you." Does this mean I can use transferred credit with this as well?


Hey, could you please specify your country and which marathon offer exactly doesn’t mention it? Most probably it is a mistake, I am sure it will require from you to use only earned sweatcoins. Just send me a bit more details and I’ll double check.


Hi, yea for sure. I’m a user from the United States, and both of my marathon offers, “the 4K Action Camera from OCLU” and the “Fightcamp Personal Boxing Gym” don’t mention that the sweatcoins need to be earned by you. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Could you please check Offer Details section which clearly mentioned just that?


Oh! I see it now, not sure why I didn’t notice that before. :sweat_smile:


Is there a way to put sweatcoin in other countries. I told one of my friends about sweatcoin. He can’t get the app in his country. What can we do?


Hi, I’m not sure about this, but I’d run it by one of the admins!


A ask someone, no answer yet. I put more thoughs into sweatcoin. If the admins did open this app to other countries. Literally if they add 1 country at a time. I would start mexico as the next to be able to download the app. I do know people from that country.if the admins slow another county to access this app. Sec deft will bump up in value faster.