Who would you like to speak to in our next AMA?


Hey Sweatcoiners!

So our recent AMA (ask me anything) with our very own Matt went better than expected! Loads of you hopped on over here to ask him your burning questions, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

We’re wondering who in the Sweatcoin team you’d be interested in speaking with next? I noticed several of you had some technical questions which weren’t quite within Matt’s areas of expertise.

Does that mean you’d like to speak with one of our delightful devs in the next AMA so you can ask all things technical?

Or maybe one our value team (who work on partnering with great brands all over the world and bringing you all the offers you see in the marketplace)?

Let us know, and we’ll get our next AMA underway really soon! :raised_hands:


imo a dev would be more helpful since most of us have questions related to the new cash out feature and how it will work & when it will be globally available.


a developer definitely, I just lost nearly all my sweat coins trying to cashout and no money arrived :frowning: and I can’t seem to get hold of a human to help


@Ashton ^ maybe you can help


I think it might be quite interesting to find out a little more about the life-cycle of the sweatcoin as a product and a ‘currency’. Possibly someone from sales or marketing might be an interesting one.


This would be really interesting - will have a word with the team and see what I can do!