Who'd like to test a new feature for us? 📱


Hey Sweatcoiners!

We are looking for a couple of iPhone users who’d be happy to test a new test feature for us and give us some honest feedback over a quick Zoom call. We’ll compensate you with some lovely sweatcoins for your participation!

If interested, please post your username below :raised_hands:

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Yes please.


Cando if you would like. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Sweatcoin Username: phatt.one


Could you confirm that you’re an iPhone user please?
If so, please let us know your username! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks @Phatt.One !


does it have to be a certain IOS level? i ask as not all iphones will have same IOS. Also working for a Telco carrier does help :slight_smile:
Sweatcoin User: Peter716656


Yes it’s an iPhone X


Can you please provide your username for Sweatcoin?


Sweatcoin Username : Chowdhury_S


Count me in. I confirm that I am an iPhone user. My username is rorod.


@Emma Sorry, yes I am using iphone


I’d like to test for you 420tami


Great! Could you please DM us with a few times that work for you and your email address to send along a quick google calendar invite? :slight_smile:


Any iOS level works! Could you please shoot us a DM through with your email address and available times for today/tomorrow that work for you? :slight_smile:


Can i sign up too? I have iphone 7


We should have enough testers for now – thanks all!!!


Hi Emma, I’ve participated in the test but haven’t received my sweatcoin payment yet, just hoping you don’t forget :slight_smile:

My username is Rorod


We haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve transferred you over your sweatcoins! Thanks so much for participating and for your valuable feedback!


So what was the new feature…