Who'd like to test a new feature for us? 📱


Hopefully something decent


Rather new prizes… but you know sweatcoiners can’t be choosers lol


Should you need more in the future, I have an iPhone and am curious and willing! :blush:
Username is Francis666188


Count me in please. Username VetonBreznica.


I would love too! User is Kysaac


Add me please. iPhone 6s Plus and upgrading to
iPhone 12 Pro Max as soon as released. I’m KEVIN578034


Please add my name Prince


Hell I’d be up for that! :smiley:

I’ve iPhone 11.

My username is SARAH900533.


I’ve updated sweat coin so what’s the update lol.


Relax mate it’s not up yet! :joy:


Auctions? For what exactly. Like designer brands and we bid with sweat coins.


It’s not live yet. Let’s wait and see.


Hi Emma,
If you still have an interesst about Iphone users i am able to help. Thanks
Have a nice time


So, I’m struggling with this request. I would like to know, as a user for a few years now, why you are looking to test a new feature when the basic premise of the app doesn’t work. Why not look why Android users don’t get proper conversion? Why does my husband’s iPhone/Apple Watch convert MORE steps than he actually took? Where as my Pixel/Google Fit doesn’t even convert 10%? Even when I do carry my phone with me all day, it still will not count, nor convert the same amount? I don’t think you are trying to exclude Android users, but I have posted this question in numerous places and it has always been radio silence. I’m not expecting to hear from you, but it really would be really nice to.


Hi there!
We’re always trying to improve conversion on android.
It’s much more difficult to develop for android for numerous reasons, but here’s the main one:
While there is only one “Android” Operating System, there are hundreds of possible phone makes that use it. They all have different hardware and slight variations on Android which makes it much more difficult to make a single update that works for every device perfectly.
Our developers work constantly on updates for the app which hopefully improve conversion across the board for android, it requires lots of trial and error testing.

Sorry for any issues you’ve personally had, if you could email [email protected] our support team will do their best to help you this issue!


iPhone XR
Happy to help with testing!


Id love to test out some new features



I’m on iPhone and I’d be glad to participate!