Why have you stuck with sweatcoin?



Today I would like to ask you 2 questions about yourself and your dedication to sweatcoin please answer the question in the comments below :smiley: I look forward to hearing them

why do you still continue to use sweatcoin?

For me it’s simple. I love the community I love the very passionate dev team behind sweatcoin, I love living healthier and I love to earn Sweatcoin before sweatcoin I wasn’t much of a walker I played lots of sports and fitness related activity but not so much walking I did running but even that was on a treadmill but thanks to sweatcoin and the friendly community I now walk much more so much that today for the very first time I reached 20 sweatcoins

I’ve reached 15 sweatcoins a day a few times but 20 Oof that’s a new level :wink: i think I had the @Phatt.One effect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Overall I just love the community of sweatcoin and I grew up on fitness, sports etc so that a bonus!


I’m exited for many things about sweatcoin let’s go over them!

  1. More people joining our united community
  2. The blockchain
  3. The future itself
  4. Seeing sweatcoin grow as a brand as a product as a community

Thank you for reading. Please feel free and answer those two questions and reply to this post :smiley:.

Have a great rest of the day happy steppin :grinning:


Seriously? There’s a phatt.one effect? I need to keep a low profile, people will end up blaming me when they have to replace footwear :rofl:
Only joking matey!! I’m honoured you would think to stick this one on me.
However, to do it you must have it in you to start with, no matter how well hidden I believe we all have it inside… you just need to step out there and find it :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Yep there a phatt one effect haha. And speaking of replacing shoes I just purchased some new Nike air max 90s trainers from JD that got delivered today :smiley:


How rude of me, I didn’t even answer the questions…

I realised soon after starting with the Sweatcoin that the value of the Sweatcoin extends far beyond that of a potential financial gain. A little motivation from the essentially basic premise of monetary reward (no matter it’s true currency value) for a little regular exercise can help push a person to try what they ever thought possible. It is true that there are now various incentivised activity applications . However, Sweatcoin is not another company just out to make money from people using mobile apps. Sweatcoin has remained true to the users. Taking a genuine interest in the pursuit of offering improved health and making it accessible to all and continuing to encourage and help many people realise the true value of real human movement. Many marks so this could be read from a book or from a memorandum (Siri really is getting better) but I have been lucky enough to meet many of the team including both Oleg and Anton and I can comfortably step up and Say that the human interest is entirely genuine throughout the team. These guys really do push the extra 20k steps to continually improve the app and make Sweatcoin the best possible user experience for all without losing sight of what is really important.

Wow, I really can go on and on and on.

So quickly, the answer to question number two …
For the future I hope to see Sweatcoin make a difference both physically and financially, to the lives of millions more people.There is already a fast growing community based around the Sweatcoin. A community that encourages each other and offers help to one another And I hope to see this grow exponentially. I believe what we see at the moment in the Sweatcoin application is only the bottom rung of the ladder and I personally think the sky is not a limit these guys will accept. After all, the greatest truth Sweatcoin has taught me is that limits are there to be pushed. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Lol, good stuff mate… I think I’m due for a new pair of trainers myself. The tread has literally worn through to the insole on my latest pair of Asics Gel Kayano 24s. Although to give them their due, they have lasted just over two months now and have seen a way higher mileage than they really should before retirement. :rofl: Do you think there’s an opportunity try and get my next pair crowdfunded? I would say it has started to get a bit expensive but it is about 18 months too late for that one. :rofl:


Oof have you tried bikes I mean they do have high air filled insoles and that may give you a few months extra life or durability idk I just love Nike I think they are very comfortable as I have size 13 feet :grimacing:. Bbb

Imaging a crowd fund for shoes. Donate sweatcoins to phatt so he can get new shoes :smiley:


Nooooo!!! No donating Sweatcoins to phatt.one!!! I had to post on Instagram asking people not to donate to me… you know me, I like to earn. A true sense of achievement isn’t given… it’s earned :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I have tried the Nikes but the sole wears out too fast and the inner covering ripped within the first few days. I am waiting for the Vivobarefoot offers to hit the SWC Marketplace again… Although I have to go and get new shoes in the next week, I would like to try out the barefoot range… I remember having a chat on my first visit to HQ about the benefits and the possible interim pain of adapting to barefoot footwear and The concepts intrigue me .