Why is the community more like inactive?


I saw people trading otfen in August of 2019, but now. the Warrior trading discord server is a desolate wasteland in terms of user activity. I really want the community to thrive and grow. I don’t want it to die, the app’s concept is a very good idea but it’s underrated by the masses, we should set a balance between over activity and under activity, hope 2020 brings more growth than decline!


Highly doubt it mate. More efficient for us to pool together and buy / sell coins to get marathon prizes but I’m pretty sure this is deemed as cheating more or less hence why they got rid of it. The N26 cash out option didn’t even last long either…I was told trouble maker was rolling out this week clearly ain’t.


aw man, I just hope it will improve soon or later… :sob:


Becoming a bit dreaded on the wait for trouble
Maker memberships.


i never saw the N26 option, now they have taken the option to use coins not just made by yourself leaves a high SC count in limbo. Coins are ever climbing, but its finding a use for them. I have earthmiles and COIN all gaining tokens for walking and getting fit. Coin at present seems the only viable spendable benefit for me, but then its crypto. We did have a luno option at one point but i’m yet to see that return as i’d happily use my SC against that deal again.
Getting a trouble maker status is mute without a mechanism to use the coins.


Precisely mate you’ve raised a few points.


Actually mate it’s really active