Why it is unlikely the £1000 reward can return


How’s that fair lol.


Something is not right here. I see the headphones have now ‘sold out’. Wonder how many were there! Also still waiting for a response to my thread about where the filmings of the holiday / trip rewards are being shown!

Have noticed anything asking for evidence or with a cost is batted away each time. As I said something isn’t right here.


Yeah these offers need a frequent change once sold out. Them cruddy holidays Need to get gone.


I still see the USD1000 marathon reward on my app and i am around 3 months more to hit the reward (about 2 years after joining the app) i have also ask in this forum if the 1k reward will be still around or not before i upgrade my status to Trouble Maker. Just hope this app is not a scam when i reach my 20k swc to exchange for my $1k reward. Wonder why would anyone pay a monthly subscription if the marathon reward are not a long term like a marathon when previously it takes over 2 years to reach with just with breaker status as the highest
In my country (Singapore) I might be one of the pioneer to join the app and also one of the more active member.
Many of my friends have ask me to inform them when I can successfully collect my $1k as they are doubtful if the app will really payout the marathon reward or not (many of them have given up on the app as there almost nothing attractive other than the marathon $1k and this marathon reward is just too long term and almost not within reach for most of them)


Hi Eamtan. I hope you are well and really hope you get you $1000 reward. Please let us know. I have noticed there have been few answers from admin to my challenging questions and as each day passes and each question is brushed aside or not answered I fear it’s not what we think.

If I didn’t exercise anyway I would just delete the app now. I no longer recommend it to friends and family as there is nothing of interest now.

Who knows how many holidays are available, or headphones were available. Just because it says ‘sold out’ it means nothing.

Troublemaker starts which makes steps easier and the £1000 reward disappears in the UK just a few weeks later? Say no more!


Hey if you do give up, please send your sweatcoins to phucyou69


Haha - I don’t think so!


You always beg for people’s coins I swear…

Anywho Dave I think your right on this one.


Hold on a minute admin – when the £1000 PayPal offer was removed you said that you removed it rather than increasing the coins required as people would not have been happy with this however this is exactly what you’ve done with the other marathon offers so effectively done both! Any thoughts?


That’s fair point to raise. Noticed how Emma’s been left to deal with the shit pile. @Emma


@Kyle93 well apparently, according to a certain member of the Sweatcoin team​:wink:, this app wasn’t here for people to make money off… :thinking: Then why dangle the 1k prize fund for reaching 20k in sweatcoins then…
Good to be back :blush:


:joy:. Welcome back mate. @DaveUK look who’s back. Back with a vengeance :joy::joy::joy::+1:t2::eyes:


Yeeeee welcome back @Seaside71


so if the monetary options were never on the cards, Why have the likes of TV’s, 1K money etc, The SC has a monetary value at point of conversion. as such we redeem X amount of SC for whatever. That said they are making money off the install of the app and our movements (by geomining), the app must make money to support Sweatcoin. i walk same amount as i did before i got the app. but if it doesnt give the user an ability to redeem then what is the point?


Was there ever a 1k pound reward ???
I only know there was a 1k USD marathon reward


There was, a long long time ago! :slight_smile:


So why can’t it be uk for uk users us for us users etc etc. If I claimed the 1000$ marathon offer I would expect. £1000 gbp.


He how is lif going for you


My life is great yours.


Long time since I posted on here, but the more I think about Sweatcoins, the more I think it is a con. Auctions style rewards have appeared on the App for a while now…
Well, it looks like I will hit 20k+ Sweatcoins by the end of 2021 (4 years since I started using it; it would have originally taken me 5 years, but as you all know, there has been more rewards with more videos to watch, daily boost, indoor steps…).
From my point of view, it looks like this is going to be a never ending story… By the end of next year, there will be more and more people reaching 20k+, so I might need to add another year (I do not mind doing so as I forecasted to reach 20k by 2022 in the first place) for a prize that I might not be content with or for nothing because of the increased competition by then with more people reaching that milestone.
I do not subscribe to Troublemaker (I was considering it back in the days), but what is the point in subscribing to a service that you do not know what you are getting??? For example, I subscribe to a magazine, and I know that I am getting an issue delivered at home every month. If I would subscribed to a gym, I know that I can use their equipment every day. What is the incentive with Sweatcoins and Troublemaker???
Besides, if you are not a Troublemaker, what can you get out of it??? I have been watching ads every day for almost the last 3 years, but I will never been guaranteed to get anything out of it, because of the auctions style rewards. If you compare it to similar business models, I also answer online surveys, and I get paid for my time/doing so. Not sure, if I will ever get a reward from watching ads / using the App every day generally speaking. I could basically do the same amount of walking without using the App and going through all that trouble.
The whole thing does not make sense anymore!!! As many of you have mentioned, I stopped recommending the app, and I think Sweatcoins inc. have shoot themselves in the foot.
I hope that things will be reconsidered at Sweatcoins HQ and I am sure that many people will be happier to have smaller ‘prizes’ for their 20k SWC : £5k, a weekend away or £5 voucher, instead of the current offering.