Why it is unlikely the £1000 reward can return


Just found out that the $1000 reward has been withdrawn. And thanks to this forum confirmed. So what I always was afraid of did happen. There is no such thing as a free lunch

I am angry that they did this sneaky. Pleasant side effect is that I now can stop looking at commercials of 40 seconds with 0,1 SWC as reward. In fact I’ld better deinstall the app. I walk and run anyway but no it makes no more sense to hold the phone in your hand.

Curious to find out if others are still using the app.


They have replace the Marathon reward which is guaranteed for anyone who personally earn 20k SWC into the Auction system where all members must compete globally against each other for an item. Needless to say, price for a $1000 cash equivalent will likely goes up due to fewer supply and increasing demand.

Starting this year, there is this new 2021 resolution where those who hit their monthly targeted steps can stand a chance to win some prizes too although not much details are known at this moment


There will never be a cash reward. What annoys me most is that they change the rules during the game without informing the participants. That is also the reason that I deleted the app. Best decision of 2021 so far.


Hi Emma, it would be very useful if you could share these “new and exciting changes happening in the market place” as communication and transparency is key to keeping people onboard and motivated. The problem is we are asked for feedback such as when the new version was implimented and virtually all the feedabck was negative and very clear in what users didnt want to lose, yet the team went ahead with the new version any way. Its ok promising to bring things back or add new exciting things but the proof is in the puddding, and so far all we see if the majority feedback being completely ignored and lots of useful app features and transparency removed, and the favourite prizes removed replaced with items that are clearly not seen as value from most of the users, Its fast becoming just another step counter.


I totally agree with disgruntled. I remember @khmelev said
They listen to all feedback and the forum isn’t the only source of feedback. Well… I would love to know what feedback you solely base your
Decisions on? Is it what the Instagram
Users ask for or the Twitter users. Because by the sounds of it. Our opinion isn’t relevant whatsoever on this forum.


Actually I have being wondering for a long time why is there a need to introduce TM status ?
If the issue of ‘‘cheating’’ steps cannot be ‘‘controlled’’, won’t TM status just make it worst ?
And at the low monthly subscription for TM status, is SWC app really so desperate to earn those miserable monthly subscription and to aggravate more unhappiness with Auction scheme ?

With the current Auction scheme and TM mode, I would advise all those that cannot even do 15k daily convertible steps and are not with TM status to stop dreaming about any top prize in Auction.
With or without cheaters ‘‘cheating’’ on their steps, you hardly stand any chance against those genuine top steppers who are in TM mode.
The current Auction scheme is a globally competition where only maybe the top 1% of all steppers in their TM mode will get to bet for all those top prizes
Late comers into this app and previous winners might never stand another chance too as they are just too far behind too many global top steppers.

In my country, there are now only 4 BIG charities event trying to drain out SWC and one Auction scheme left. There are virtually zero other offer available for purchase at all …

If I am SWC, I would increase the monthly subscription of TM by maybe 10x the current rate as it is one sure ticket to fast track to a chance at a good Auction prize. (cheaters or genuine stepper alike)


I don’t
Personally agree with upping the price of 10x. Because as I said in a previous post. There is 1000s of users who
Probably do pay for TM. However. Not everyone reaches 50 coins a day. Like
Myself. I have been off work in construction for 3 months and basically earned under 50
Most days. But I
Still however proceeded to still pay for the TM status. I’m
Happy plodding on paying for the app as
Long as it stays as genuine as it is. I totally agree with people who come into
The app late now will probably have a 5-10% chance of
Ever getting anything because as you said top steppers will
Be forever getting coins and as you said the auction
Makes life a bit harder to win a auction with it being global.


Just join Google opinion reward for free and everyone can pay for their TM monthly subscription easily.

As I say, without TM status, even a super top breaker is going to lose out as the max he can get is 20 daily SWC which is just 40% of the max a TM stepper can collect daily.
Even a TM with just 15.75k convertible steps daily can have a extra 10 SWC daily over a top breaker who max at 21k convertible steps everyday.

Without TM status, I do not see how any top non TM member can compete with top TM member in the current global Auction in the long run


I still have it mate


Cherish it. Tomorrow it might be gone


You only have it until you reach a certain amount
Of coins
Mate. Same as the new version of the app. Don’t consider yourself lucky lol.


Don’t agree with me as all but one of my posts as Disgruntled has been deleted and they have stopped me logging in from my normal IP address. No one has responded to my question as to why my original account has been suspended for a 1,000 years and I made sure there wasn’t anything in any of my Disgruntled posts that could be classed as rude or offensive to any of the admin so why have they deleted my posts and restricted my IP address?? @Emma @Ashton @. Can any of the support people respond to my private support emails or this message if you prefer it to be public as your communication as to why you are barring people from a forum for no reason leaves a lot to be desired.


That ain’t right or fair…
Freedom of speech is practise which is free to everyone. If your being subjected to being muted for voicing a opinion. Seek advice x


I haven’t had any emails off you, nor direct messages through the forum.
If you DM me, i’m happy to talk with you about your previous account.


I see my reply to this post has also been deleted. I also DM’d Ashton so will see what happens, but they really don’t like constructive criticism. Let’s see how long this one lasts. They need to learn how to share the football.


New update: 13637.72 earned sweatcoin and the marathon offers still stay


13813 earned ones, marathon offers present


Currently on 15.4K… hoping by end of next month be at 16.5K


Activating tryhard mode lol


Who needs auctions lol