Why it is unlikely the £1000 reward can return


Yes. Keep laughing. The more disappointed you will be. LoL


At one point, the self-earned sweatcoins of the sportspeople using this app who participate in auctions will be reduced significantly until they come back up, which as many experienced, will take awhile.


Wow, this aged poorly.


How’? I’m on 16.2k with one week to go lol. I’m on target near enough.


Well i have 143,000 Sweatcoins now and look forward it being a cryptocurrency soon.

That is the long term vision

Much love to

All sweatcoiners

Keep walking


Never will be (nescessary text here)


You are on target mate
3 months or less for the marathon


Keep on dreaming. Obviously you can’t read. Poor one


Obviously you don’t have marathon offers. Poor jealous one


I am not jealous. Just show us a screenshot when you have earned your 1.000 $. I hope for you you will get it but something tells me we are never going to see said screenshot.


Nah mate i was just messing around
Will show you when i have it


143K coin? Would love to see a screenshot :slight_smile:


Yes mate. But I don’t go marathon lol only auctions :((((


Marathon offers are influencer exclusive


Think about it, if you don’t have auctions, what would the marketplace look like? Lol


YeAh I’m in 18/19 invites at the moment bro. But I’m worried I won’t get my marathon offers back if I invite more then I lose out on both lol. Sod that!


If it was guaranteed to come back then I would invite more as I purely only want the £1K PayPal reward.


Nah mate they wouldn’t want influncers pooping on the app :joy: i swear mate, you won’t regret it


And it’s a guaranteed


Get me some invites then lol