Why it is unlikely the £1000 reward can return


No probs mate! Just bought another 30000 today so 173000 soon anyone who sells 20,000 for $1000 is crazy i crypto Monkey am never wrong. Try 100 x price when sweatcoin hits exchanges a real use case crypto with a shop that gets you active I’ll use some of my ViteX Vx staking free exchange dividends daily buying more as we go through 2021



Yes but I’m asking. Do you buy sweatcoins. How much per 5/10K.


Just sneak in some on the way to 20k
Tell me if you don’t manage it


@Kyle93. This mover BOT, is talking out of his backside! He can buy mine is he’s for real, may as well get something out of this terribly run app


Sell at the trading discord, a mate is buying at 0.0035


@b150m where would I find that


Just go to my username
You’ll see i’m real

You’re not very smart are you? Lol


We don’t have bots on sweatcoin - our TOS are against alternative accounts, bots or otherwise.