Why not advertise this forum on the app?


Hi all!

As there seems little activity on here & I pretty much stumbled across it, Why not put a direct link on the app to encourage users to use this forum?


Hey! It’s a cool idea - and we do advertise the forum on the app, admittedly not as prominent as I would hope :stuck_out_tongue:
We’re looking at ways to better show off the forum in the app without being intrusive :slight_smile:


Thanks Ashton,
I know there’s a link to this forum but I think it’s so hidden away it took me over 2 years to notice it! :open_mouth::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


@Ashton maybe this needs to be in a better place ? As not many users will see it.


Totally! We’re hoping to find somewhere better to put it without being intrusive on the rest of the app :slight_smile:


I agree with this suggestion.
Implementing a simple visible link/button to visit the community will be a good step.

I wa able to get here because of my curiosity around the app which got me to the “Tips” section, the only place mentioning about the community forum.


@smokedawg121692 and I will make a YouTube to share.


I agree also… just happened to stumble upon it. I’m