Working in a wherehouse


Hi there does your steps not count when working in a warehouse as am getting about 20,000 a day and only getting a couple of coins a day . Am using a Samsung s9+ and done all the settings its said to do . Can anyone help please.thanks.


It sometimes doesn’t count all steps inside (or just if you stay in the same place pretty much).


I have the samsung galaxy S9, and I noticed that it does indeed count ALL the steps, but because your GPS says you are basically moving indoors/warehouse, it does not count every step you do.

For example, I work for a bailiff, so I am doing approximately 20k steps a day, indoors, but it only counts a portion (FAQ even states things about indoors).
If I take my dogs for a walk (approximately 7K to 15K steps depending on how energetic they are), it tends to count just about every step (other than SC’s commission).

So, basically, because your wifi/data and gps states you are ‘indoors’ or doing outdoor ‘yard work’ (IE: outdoor warehouse), I believe it picks up back and forth steps and does not include it as actual ‘earnings’


I work at a jiffy lube and im not sure if its counting my steps cuz it might think im inside…technically i kinda am working outside…but not out in the sun lol. Just thought id throw this bit out there. :yum: