Yet another bad? Android update - Feedback to Sweatcoin Version 20


Yesterday i installed the new update for Sweatcoin on Android (Version 20). Now it´s available the big feature: Indoor Steps. Today i did a run with about 13 km - sunny weather, no clouds -, tracked by a Garmin watch and Sweatcoin, Google Fit on the phone. I always did the same track (with the same phone, so nothing changed, except the new android sweatcoin version). I thought it must be better, because i connected Sweatcoin to Google Fit, but - voila - it wasn´t.

So my conclusion about the new update is:

Indoor steps are working (a little bit - some are converted) on Android, but outdoor calculation is the worst ever! And this was the reason for me to use Sweatcoin! I don´t need the daily bonus and also not Indoor steps…

I don´t know if it is the time to ask quesions…;-)…i really loved the idea behind it. But what they are doing now is really disappointing. Why should you connect Google Fit if the steps are not recognized?

New Color mode looks fine, but if the technology behind is not working as expected, what does this help?


Google FIt:


Thanks for reading & sorry for may be a little bit too much frustration :wink:



I am having same issue as u for what ever reason only iPhone users don’t have these issues just Android users do which is Bs.


I’m an iPhone user with an Apple Watch and have had this issue since the update. Given most of my steps are from outdoor normally this change to non gps has messed mine up.


Keeping my finger cross but my steps are almost 95% all converted to SWC base on 15km of walk upon the new app update. Previously it has being around 15km to 26km of outdoor walking to convert to 20 SWC. (Android user)


Thanks Eamtan for your reply. I had a walk yesterday - may be running is too fast for Sweatcoin :wink: - and i walked about 6 km. Google Fit told me about 5818 steps. But Sweatcoin only recognized 3768 steps, don´t know why they do not count all steps, i thought the connection to Google Fit is the trusted source…

5818 steps, 3768 counted is about 65 percent. Sorry Sweatcoin this was much better before the update.


Same situation today: I did a run about 12 km, which were about 13000 steps (also Google Fit recognized this…) - Sweatcoin algorithm converted this to 3,92 SWC. Only 31 percent of the steps were converted, for what ever reason only the developers know^^


Google Fit: