'Your device settings are killing me' msg


Hi, I’m new to Sweatcoin, and like the idea and the app, but I have a problem with my step conversion: my settings are all as detailed in the faq, including the ones specific to my device (Xiaomi), but every day, at some point, the app shows the ‘your device settings are killing me’ message and step conversion goes to 20% or lower, even though I am absolutely sure most of the steps were taken outside (although some steps may indeed not be counted as outdoors for gps signal reasons…); for instance, two days ago my Google Fit app recorded over 12.000 steps, but less than 3500 were actually converted to Sweatcoins, and the maps on Google Fit which tracked my movements clearly show the steps are outdoors… I keep checking and rechecking my settings–gps, battery saving options, locked app… Nothing is ever out of order, and yet… Any suggestions?
PS maybe not relevant, but the app shuts itself down, or is shut down by my phone, overnight, maybe every other day…


I understand that, mine is doing the samething. I love the sweatcoin app, and hope that the problem will be fixed


Darwinbot, Louwana, thank you for sharing this! I am really sorry that this is happening.

Some Android device manufacturers add proprietary battery-optimising solutions that might kill our app while it is operating in the background or prevent GPS from running. Some users have reported that periodical manual opening of our app helps to prevent this from happening.

Could you be so kind to open our app periodically to detect at what time mark after the last app open Operating system decides to shut us down? Happy to provide bounty for your kind help! Oleg


Hi Oleg, thanks for your reply; so you think the ‘device settings’ msg could be due to my phone shutting the gps for battery saving reasons? If so, do you know which system/gps app I could add to the non-restricted battery saving settings, if at all possible/relevant?

As for the app shutting itself down and/or being shut down by my system, it usually happens overnight, so it’s tricky to pinpoint the exact time (unless there is some log of opened and closed apps I do not know about, or some log within the Sweatcoin app itself…); it happened last night too, app was running at half past midnight, was closed when I woke up this morning, but the phone was charging, so I guess it can’t be related to battery saving options, and the app has all the usual ‘no restriction’ on battery usage settings anyway…

Let me know if you have any suggestions,
thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you. It does sound like your device kills our app for working in the background while you sleep. Please try opening the app briefly in the morning and see how it works through the day if you do it. If it fixes the issues we might be able to think of the way to automate this :slight_smile:


Well, I already open the app repeatedly during the day, but it doesn’t change the shutting down; anyhow, what I was mostly concerned with in my original post was the ‘your device settings are killing me’ msg, and the consequent very low step conversion percentage… If you could please suggest something to solve that, the nightly shutdowns are merely a question of opening the app in morning and I’m good to go…


Sorry to insist, but my step conversion is still around 25% on average, the app is still showing the ‘device settings’ message most of the time, and my device’s config is always consistent with your guidelines… I average more than 5000 steps a day (over 72000 since the beginning of May), and I would like to be able to upgrade my subscription to earn more from days when I walk more than usual, but it’s not worth it if step conversion is so low…
Thanks :slight_smile:


This morning: 2500 steps, 99% outdoors as proved by google fit maps, only 49 (!!) converted, and the message on the device settings killing the app is already there… I am running low on battery, and I noticed that if I activate battery saving mode the phone will shutdown the gps, but then your app will usually display a message saying that it has non gps signal, so I DID NOT activate battery saving settings when alerted by the phone that the battery was under 20% charge…
Please suggest some fix for this, because as of now I’m gaining more by visiting the offer page and claiming the daily bonus than I am by converting my steps, which I guess was not the original intent of the app… -_-



Says it’s killing the device but that’s later on throughout the day


Not sure I understand your comment, but my conversion percentage is low both with or without the error message, although definitely lower when the error message is present…
Anyhow, it would be nice to get any kind of response from sweatcoin… I consistently walk 5 to 10k steps a day but never once have I reached my daily cap, so I just gave up on upgrading unless this issue is resolved–or at least addressed by someone…


I agree the problem needs to be addressed. But i wouldnt give up