Zero Approved Steps?


All my steps are being counted but none converted and I don’t seem to have a force send button because no approved steps?
I’m a ‘mover’ and as far as I’m aware all my settings are correct.
Help please!


Try to install gps status’s app from App Store
might be a Problem with your gps


Hi … I installed the gps status app and it didn’t help my issue but I have seen that it works for some. Over a week now - very few steps being converted and no help from SweatCoin at all. It’s disappointing.


Then try getting the compass, google fit, apple health, or these sorts of apps. That might be the issue.


Thanks all, there’s no problem with my gps other apps such as map my walk are working fine. X


Hi, after following steps to allow background usage and optimise battery the app has converted my steps. Unfortunately all previous days steps have been lost, but at least it’s working now.
Thought I would let you know in case this can help anyone else.